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A poem by Carol Lapidge

Could see from the start something was wrong
The signs were there all along
Babies move, make noises, not mine
No movement, no noise, the very first sign
Floppy and limp and difficulty feeding
Voicing my concerns but no one heeding
Six months on and still no one believes me
Somethings not right why can they not see
Eventually I am told of developmental delay
What this will mean they cannot say
May be improvement with the right support
However remember the money is short
Not enough therapists but will do our best
We will start you off…. you can do the rest

One year old and there is little change
Positive feedback from every range
Of specialist involved in developmental delay
Don’t compare with other children they say
I knew there would be battles to fight
But didn’t realise how much was not right
Physio, speech therapy and special school
Help reach my child’s potential I try every tool
Struggling with everything and sometimes wild
No college, no university or work for my child
Vulnerable and damaged by a drug
From under my feet they pulled that rug

Who will care for my child when I am not here
When distressed who will pull my child near
Who will share the fun and sunshine
Vulnerable damaged beautiful child of mine
Who is responsible for hiding the facts
Causing my child to suffer with FACS
I ask the question, who will pay
The damaged child every day

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