We have been asked to provide a submission to the Cumberlege Review and are collating your views to ensure that your voices are heard and your experiences shared.

Our solicitors Leigh Day are producing a document which will reflect the views of OACS and our community.

If you would like to be involved, please fill out the forms below that apply to you.

Form 1

Benefits received

With this form we are assessing what benefits we are receiving.  

This will enable us to look at whether the income received is sufficient.  

It will also show the cost to the taxpayer of all the benefits we need. 

Form 2

Adult services

Please fill out this form if your affected person is a young adult or you are a young adult with FVS. 

Some questions are aimed at carers of adults with FVS and some questions are aimed at adults with FVS.  

Form 3

Parenthood and epilepsy

If you are a parent/carer with epilepsy please fill out the form below. 

The questions are mainly aimed at mothers but can also be answered by fathers or other main carers with epilepsy. 

This applies to looking after all children whether they have FVS or not.

OACS is a registered charity and as such any data you provide us with will be treated with strict confidentiality.