Unfortunately due to the completitive nature of research OACS is unable to keep you apprised of what we are involved with, until it is completed. 


In order to make the best of the opportunities OACS are offered, OACS are now putting together  an international list of families that are willing to support research.  This list will be a resource available to those doing research into any of the  fetal anti-convulsant syndromes.


As a patient led support group and registered charity, we are in the perfect postion to suppport research opportunities.  If you are researching any aspect of FACS and wish to contact us, you can use the following button


Those families that wish to take part in research opportunities please press the doctor below.....

Fill in Our Surveys:

In order to identify trends in the fetal anti-convulsant syndromes, we have created a set of surveys. If yourself or a member of your family has a FACS could you please fill out these surveys:

The Organisation for Anti-Convulsant Syndrome has ongoing surveys that explore the different challenges those effected face.  We also keep a list of those willing to participate in research. If you are a researcher seeking to access thsi data please contact:


If you are not a member yet, use this link to join OACS for free - 

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