OACS Ireland Overview

OACS Ireland Overview


OACs Ireland works very closely with both our colleagues in the UK and the FACS Forum in Ireland. During the last year OACS Ireland has been working hard to ensure we have more support for families affected by Foetal Adverse Drug Reactions, including the effects of Sodium Valproate.  We work collaboratively to ensure the best outcomes for all families affected.


Information and Awareness Raising:


At OACs Ireland, we do everything we can to ensure that this issue is on the agenda of policy makers. We attend various conferences and forums relating to rare diseases, epilepsy, patient forums, and so forth, where we have raised the issue of adverse drug reactions. We will continue to use all opportunities we can, to communicate and publicise any information regarding concerns about Sodium Valproate.  

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Work with FACs Forum:


OACs Ireland is a founding member of the FACs Forum, convened by the Disability Federation of Ireland. We have been working with the Forum since 2014, to ensure that the Department of Health in Ireland, and related agencies, produce better warnings and information on the side effects of anti-convulsant drugs to expectant mothers.  The Forum also seeks better rights and support for those families in Ireland who have been impacted by FACS. For further information see here.                               


Work with OACs UK:


We work in close co-operation with OACs in the UK, to support their work in securing recognition for the adverse effects of anti-convulsants. We have participated in the work of OACS UK in the last few years including:

  • Exploratory tour of UK, meeting parents and families affected by adverse drug effects, and bringing the learning home and sharing with families in Ireland.

  • Supporting and liaising with the UK campaign for better recognition of adverse effects, eg. attendance at APPG meetings.

  • Sit on UK Board of Trustees.










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