January 6, 2016


This film was commissioned by Epilepsy Research and was made by Rosie Thompson.


With a special thank you to the Stockley Pollards for taking the time to share their story with so many.


For more information about the effects of epilepsy: 



November 14, 2015

This year we have had to have a couple of horses gelded and we decided that Tristram could watch the operation. You cannot be squeamish when you observe a horse having it's testes removed or you are just in the way while the vet needs to get on with the job.
We explain...

November 14, 2015

Tristram had to finish college because he could no longer cope with the work but we didn't want him to forget the skills he had acquired or lose all structure to his day. 
For various reasons he will never be able to have employment outside the home but let's have a lo...

I have recently had an online conversation about Tristram's problems when he was born. Strangely I was mostly unaware of his difficult start despite him having a very low Apgar Score and having to undego emergency resusitation. 

Having had three large (all around the...

I've been watching The Autistic Gardener on Channel 4. I tried to get Tristram to watch it with me. Partly because I thought it might inspire him to come out and help me in the garden - a stunning array of carefully cultivated 6 foot high weeds - but also I was hoping...

Tristram is unusual in not needing a great amount of structure to his day as many people with autism prefer, but this doesn't mean we can just make changes in his life without a great deal of prior warning. He is generally quite easygoing and takes change in his stride...

July 14, 2015

Hello I would like to introduce myself to you.  I have a lot of experience in areas that I think might be able to help other parents; but first a little about me.
My son Callum but he does not have a diagnosis of Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndrome, but he ticks many of the...

Tristram failed to develop normal language and communication skills - a common feature of the child with autism. When he was a toddler he would avoid eye contact and if he wanted something he would take my hand and lead me to what he wanted. Obviously when he was very...

I added this post (below) to my Facebook account - not because I wanted to garner sympathy but because I had read an article by a woman who was thrilled that her son had been invited to a birthday party and the mother holding the party was prepared to go the extra mile...

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