What Are We Doing For YOU?

As parents that have walked the path as carers for children with the Anti-Convulsant Syndromes we know what a jungle it is out there. For this reason we are putting together resources that will support you on your journey. Feel free to use the contact form if there is something you want to see us doing.

There are organisations who provide help when it is really needed

The Fetal Anti-Convulsant Syndromes are complex so you may need organisation that can help

For support and a listening ear, our children can talk to another FACS kid - use this link to send your details and she will phone you back.

The Dad's experience can be very different to mums, so Tim, an experienced Dad is here if you need to talk

Mums are there to make things better, but who is there for mum??

I would like to say a massive heartfelt Thank you for all the support OACS has given me in the past few months. My 2 year old son has attended daycare since he was 8 months old and I did not feel confident enough to discuss his condition. But with the support and advice provided by OACS I recently took that step and now they are fully prepared to give him any extra help he may need. Thankyou OACS  - V

There are people every where, and not all countries follow the same rules, so if you do not live in the UK:



Association Belge des Victimes du Valproate

Rare Connect

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