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It Makes For An Interesting Mix:

This thought provoking film was commissioned by Epilepsy Research Film Maker:  Rose Thompson 


With a special thank you to Janet Stockley Pollard and her family. 


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Christine's Story:

The challenges of raising a child with autism are great but with the right help and intervention many of the negative behaviours, such as tantrums (meltdowns), difficulties in communication and socialising, educational needs, etc, can be mitigated to some extent. However, if the child is also diagnosed with FVS the a whole host of other problems come into play. The most obvious challenge is that the FVS child with autism looks different physically and parents have to deal with ways their child is perceived by others who do not understand the difficulties that are experienced on a daily basis...


Deborah's Story:

With a syndrome that is both complex and global, each of us has their own story of challenges and packed out with moments of pure joy. 


It is not the most easy path to walk in life, but it must be one of the most rewarding. My story is definitely not the most dramatic or outstanding, which I think is very frightening...

Jo's Story:

I am a busy working mum who lives near Cardiff, my mission is to inform and educate people and the media on the cover up that I call “A Cover Up That Is The New Thalidomide.” I believe the taking of the drug Sodium Valproate gave my son various autism from birth, this all came about after my father read an article in the newspaper about it, it came as a great shock & since then I have campaigned to highlight what has been going on. This has now included being letting the media know as much as possible on the research discoveries of what happens if one takes Sodium valproate during pregnancy.

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