The Belgian Association For Sufferers Of Valporoate Syndrome:

The Belgian Association for sufferers of Valproate Syndrome was created in 2014 through the initiative of three families.  It aims to help people who are affected directly and indirectly by this syndrome. Our team is made up of the four founders of the Association:

Our Goals:

  • To provide support and assistance to families of Valproate Syndrome sufferers.

  • To provide support and assistance to families in their struggle to face their child’s future.

  • To circulate information about the latest advice and recommendations.

  • To provide information about progress in research and legislation.

  • To maintain links with health professionals, the Belgian Medicines Agency and the Ministry of Health.


Our Projects:

We have numerous projects such as:

  • The publication of a leaflet which will be distributed to doctors, gynaecologists, neurologists, psychiatrists, pharmacists, speech therapists and paediatricians, as well as to families.

  • The maintenance of the Internet website.

  • The organisation of annual meetings with our members and their children.

  • The organisation of meetings with geneticists and health professionals.

  • The maintenance of contacts with the Belgian Medicines Agency and the Ministry of Health, and with other Valproate Syndrome associations in Europe.

  • The protection of sufferers

  • The search for a patron for our Association.

  • The translation into Dutch and English of the Internet website and the leaflet.


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