The APESAC (Association of Parents of Children with the syndrome anticonvulsant) was founded in 2011 with a simple premise: nobody knew about the effects of valproic acid upon the foetus, and families were struggling to get a proper diagnosis and appropriate management.


Today it has about 250 families affected by the syndrome in France and Belgium. 


Scientific Council is represented by Dr. Toulemonde (Normandy psychiatrist), Dr. Ben-Ari (Researcher at Inserm in Marseille), Dr. Lemonnier (Head of CRA Brest), Dr. Signoret (pediatrician Annecy). 


  • The association was  created to promote and recognize the effects on the foetus caused by valproic acid with governments, health authorities, doctors, families. 

  • Diagnose those affected with reference centres with trained doctors-diagnosed children. 

  • Listen to distressed families cope with the disease and try together to find solutions to relieve everyday by sharing our experiences.

  • Representatives APESAC in the region:


Contact Details:


In France: 

Britain (29 and 56): Malou Laur at 

Britain (22 and 35): Agnès Gosset at 

Center Christelle Mahler at 

Languedoc Roussillon: Marine Martin 

Limousin: Angela Podetti at 

Normandy: Aurélie Dufour 

Rhone-Alpes: Christine Audibert at 

Rest o France: Marine Martin


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